Bush Wildlife Sanctuary, Palm Beach County FL

Bush Wildlife Sanctuary (1)The Bush Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter is a great place to visit in Palm Beach County FL. Located along Jupiter Commerce Park this family friendly tourist attraction is free to visit and provides a look at many of the exotic animals found throughout Florida. The Bush Wildlife Santuary includes picnic areas and pavilions which may be used to make the park a great spot for an afternoon picnic or family week-end get together.

Operated by donations the Bush Wildlife Sanctuary charges no fee for entrance or viewing of the many animal exhibits. Visitors to the Bush Wildlife Sanctuary have a chance to view; bears, eagles, deer, alligators, snakes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, skunks, turtles, many exotic birds and endangered Florida panthers!

The Sanctuary is maintained on a wetland preserve which features wooded paths, elevated walks through wetlands and swamp, cypress trees and much more. The park also includes public restroom facilities a gift shop and many educational aids to help visitors learn more about the natural habitat and animals of South Florida.

Bush Wildlife Sanctuary (29)

County Spot Directories has visited the Bush Wildlife Sanctuary and collected some very nice photos of the wildlife preserve!


The Bush Wildlife Preserve is open Monday thru Saturday, 10:00am - 4:30pm and is available Sunday for reserved events and parties. (561) 575-3399, or visit www.bushwildlife.org for more details.

Location of the Bush Wildlife Santuary

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