Blowing Rocks Preserve in Martin County FL

Blowing Rocks Preserve is an environmental preserve on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound, Martin County owned by The Nature Conservancy. This magnificently restored sanctuary in Martin County offers a rare window into Florida’s natural history. The peaceful, barrier island sanctuary is a well known model for large-scale, native coastal habitat restoration.

Blowing Rocks Preserve (19)The carefully restored habitats found in the Blowing Rocks Preserve are disappearing fast from many Florida islands, and a number of endangered plants and animals call the Blowing Rocks Preserve home. Visitors to Blowing Rocks Preserve may come across sea turtles returning to nest on the north beach include loggerhead, green and leatherback. Guests may also spot a number of shorebirds such as the brown pelican, osprey and least tern. Marine creatures like the urchin, blue claw crab and the endangered Florida manatee may be found throughout the preserve.

Blowing Rocks Preserve was created in 1969, when the far-sighted and generous residents of Jupiter Island donated 73 acres of their island to the Conservancy. Today the restored preserve reflects what South Florida barrier islands looked like a century ago. Visitors glimpse one of our state’s rarest surviving landscapes – an intact Florida dune habitat with beach sunflower, bay cedar, sea grape and sea oats.

Visitors to the Blowing Rocks Preserve will enjoy a restful, native plant demonstration garden. Interpretative signs are featured along three hiking trails and boardwalks. A sea grape path winds from hardwood hammock, through coastal strands, and into the beach dune before arriving at the “Blowing Rocks”. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are allowed from the beach during posted park hours. Facilities for guests include; restrooms, drinking fountain and shady decks at the preserve center.

Blowing Rocks Preserve (22)In 1996 the Hawley Education Center was built to provide tourists and the local community an opportunity to learn about The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect native habitats, plants and animals in Florida and around the world. It hosts exhibits and a winter lecture series. The center also serves as headquarters for the Conservancy’s ocean and coastal programs, with a focus on oyster reefs, coral reefs and seagrass beds – all critical to both nature and people.

Visit Blowing Rocks Preserve during low tide to take the time to explore the many sea caves carved out of the shore which create a natural labyrinth with a stunning view of the sea. Many of the caves are tall enough to stand in, and most have natural benches formed by the erosive power of the tides. Virtually all of the caves have natural chimneys exposing the sky above.

Blowing Rocks Preserve is open 9 AM to 4:30 PM daily, except major holidays. Admission is $2 per person ($1 for Nature Conservancy members), $1 for children 12 and under, for the beach side of the trail. Guided nature walks are offered Sundays at 11 AM.

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