Berkeley Springs State Park in Morgan County WV

Berkeley Springs High School (10)The Berkeley Springs State Park is located in the center of Berkeley Springs WV at 2 South Washington Street. The park is centered around the historic mineral spa where 74 degree water flows from natural mineral springs emerging from the Oriskany sandstone of Warm Springs Ridge. These waters were celebrated for their medicinal or restorative powers and were generally taken internally for digestive disorders, or bathed in for stress relief. Native peoples visited these springs as did United States President George Washington.

The State Park was created on lands that were used as early as the 1750's as a health resort. The oldest public building in Berkeley Springs is located within the park. The historic Roman Bathhouse was built in Federal-style architecture in 1815.

Berkeley Springs is the only state-run spa in the United States and is operated by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Spring water is available for bathing at two park bathhouses and for drinking from a fountain at the 19th century Gentlemen's Spring House. The current park bathhouse includes nine separate bathing chambers with tubs capable of holding a total 750 gallons of water heated to 102 degrees. These bath houses are open to the public daily, throughout the year, and water is also bottled and sold commercially.

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