Borough of Seward in Westmoreland County PA

Seward PA (3)Seward PA is a small borough in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Seward is located along the Conemaugh River, and the Indiana County line, just north west of Johnstown PA on Route 56.

Seward PA (15)Seward PA was incorporated as a Borough of Pennsylvania on January 23, 1904 from St. Clair Township. Seward is probably best noted today for the "Seward Power Plant" which is actually located in Indiana County, across the Conemaugh River from Seward. The Seward Plant produces electricity from low-grade "waste" coal left behind in large heaps by past mining operations. The Seward plant opened in 2004 as the largest waste coal power station in the world, with an electricity output of 521 megawatts. Reliant Energy is the owner and operator of the Seward plant.

The population of Seward PA was 494 as of the 2010 US census. Seward Borough includes only about 0.2 square miles of area within Westmoreland County.

Seward PA (6)

The Seward Borough Council Office and the Seward Police Department are located at 233 Indiana St Seward, PA 15954 (814) 446-6164

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