Borough of Wilmore in Cambria County PA

The Borough of Wilmore in Cambria County, PA is located along Route 53 between Summerhill and Portage, PA.

Wilmore, Pa (5)Information regarding the history of Wilmore obtained from Wikipedia suggests that the town was originally founded by Godfrey Wilmore, a freed slave of African descent, who established a water driven saw mill about 1 mile from the current town of Wilmore in 1809. During the following year this initial saw mill was destroyed by flood waters and would be rebuilt near the present site of the Pennsylvania Railroad Depot.

During development of the Allegheny Portage Railroad the town would be referred to as “Guinea” by railroad developers and workers, until complaints would cause the town to be referred to as Jefferson by Friar Gallitzin of the Altoona-Johnstown Roman Catholic Diocese.
Bernard Wilmore, the oldest son of Godfrey Wilmore, allegedly lists the town of Jefferson as his home in his last will document. According to the article Bernard, with the help of his nephew Martin Wilmore laid out the town-site of then Guinea, changing the name, because of the promptings of Father Gallitzin, to Jefferson in 1831. On June 10, 1831 the contract was let for Section 15 of the Old Portage Railroad, which ran through then Jefferson.
When the 6th Post Office in Cambria County was established in Aug. 1832, it and the nearby train depot were referred to by the residents as Wilmore's Post Office and Wilmore's Station, presumably after the Godfrey Wilmore family. In 1859 the town would be formally incorporated into a Borough under the name of Wilmore, PA.

Coal mining also played an important part in the development of Wilmore and its surrounding area. The Wilmore Coal Company, operated by the Berwind-White Corporation operated mines in the Wilmore, PA area. Several old mining buildings can still be found around Wilmore, including an old carpenter shop and a machine shop. Coal mining in the Wilmore area was stopped when the mines were closed in the 1970’s. Maryland Shaft #2 was thought to be the deepest bituminous shaft in all of Pennsylvania at 850 feet in depth.

Today Wilmore, PA is home to approx. 224 people according to 2011 US Census Data. The Borough Offices for Wilmore are located at 108 Church Street. Wilmore Volunteer Fire Department provides fire services to the borough of Wilmore and the surrounding areas.Wilmore, Pa (9)






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