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Belle Glade FL (2)Belle Glade is an incorporated city in Palm Beach County located at the southern end of Lake Okeechobee along Route 80 between Pahoke and South Bay. The city of Belle Glade is best known for the sugarcane crops which provide about half of the US sugarcane. The city even draws a nickname "Muck City" from the large quantity of muck which surrounds the city and is essential to the growth of sugarcane. Agriculture is the number one industry in Belle Glade and its surrounding areas, where the soil is perfect for growing sugarcane and vegetables. visitors to Belle Glade are greeted with attractive welcome signs displaying the city's motto- "Her Soil is Her Fortune"

The city of Belle Glade is also known for excellent largemouth bass fishing and boating on the waters of Lake Okeechobee. The city limits of Belle Glades include about 4.5 miles of land. As of the 2010 US Census the city of Belle Glade had a population of 17,667.

The history of Belle Glades is tied to the reclamation of the Florida Everglades during the early 1900's. Originally known as Hillsboro when it was established at the head of the Hillsboro Canal in 1918 it would become the site of the Everglades Experiment Station in 1921 to help local residents convert the newly drained swamp lands into productive farm land. The Hillsboro Community Council was formed in 1919 and operated as the town's governing body until its incorporation on April 9, 1928. The city incorporated as Belle Glade with a population of around 500 people. Shortly after incorporation much of the area was destroyed during the Hurricane or 1928. The storm also caused as many as 2500 people to perish and brought national attention to the need for flood control in the area. President Herbert Hoover visit the area in 1929 and would be instrumental in securing federal and state government funding to undertake the construction of a levee. Today, the Hoover Dike includes approximately 85 miles of levee whose height varies from 34 feet upward. It is 22 feet above sea level and it is at least five feet above the highest point that the lake has ever reached.

With the levee providing flood control the city of Belle Glade was rebuilt and has been able to progress.

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