Town of Kittrell in Vance County NC

Kittrell NC (1)Kittrell NC is located along US Route 1 about 8 miles north of Franklinton(Franklin County) in Vance County, North Carolina. The Kittrell area was initially named Kittrell’s Depot following a donation of land by George and Elizabeth Kittrell. Shortly after the train station was completed, the first post office for the Kittrell area was established in 1854. The Kittrell’s Depot Post Office replaced one in neighboring Stanton in the Epping Forest. Kittrell’s Depot was recorded as a census district of Granville County in 1860.

An 1868 North Carolina state law requiring county governments to divide counties into smaller units of townships would result in the creation of Kittrell Township. Kittrell Township included the depot station that is the likely basis for the choice of its name. It appears that the Kittrell area was then included in the formation of Vance County in 1881 from parts of Granville, Franklin and Warren Counties.

The Kittrell families were prominent landholders in the Kittrell area long prior to the creation of Kittrell’s Depot. George Kittrell was a grandson of Captain Jonathan Kittrell, commander of a company of Granville County colonial militia during the 1760s and early 1770s. Captain Kittrell was a large landholder in Granville County. His holdings included the land upon which the Kittrell Springs Hotel was located.

The Kittrell Springs Hotel served as a Civil War Hospital during the American Civil War. Confederate General Hospital Number One in Kittrell Springs, NC treated more than 2100 soldiers between June 1864 and April 1865.

Kittrell Confederate Cemetery (15)

Fifty-four Confederate soldiers, who died at the hospital, are buried in a Confederate Cemetery in Kittrell. St. James Episcopal Church, built in 1860, administered to the patients and provided Christian burial to the soldiers interred at the nearby Confederate Cemetery. The soldiers in the cemetery are from North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina.
Kittrell was also the location of the Kittrell College, a two-year historically black college. Kittrell College was in operation from about 1886 until 1975. The college was associated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. After the college closed, many of its facilities became the Kittrell Job Corps Center campus.



Kittrell NC (21)Today Kittrell is a relatively small, quiet community featuring many older buildings and reminders of the history of North Carolina. The population of Kittrell was 467 according to the 2010 US census.

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