Boalsburg Heritage Museum in Centre County PA

Boalsburg Heritage Museum located in Centre County, Pa.

Boalsburg Heritage Museum

The Sara Sweet House was built in 1825. The home was built using a three layered plank construction design, with one plank being vertical,the second being horizontal, and the third being vertical. This specific building design was extremely typical to be found in homes that were built by the Pennsylvania Dutch. Finally, when the Victorian Era came into full swing long windows were added to the property along with a horsehair plaster that was contributed from the tanning business that was being conducted on the property. 

During the eighteen hundreds the Murray-Mosser (Musser) tannery complex was getting its feet and this building played a key role. The Sara Sweet House was one of the earliest enterprises in the settlement that would eventually become Springfield, but would later become known as Boalsburg when Andrew Stroup began selling lots in his development around 1810. Michael Jack bought the property in 1804 and proceeded to dig the tanyard vats in the side yard before selling the property to William Murray. Throughout Murray's ownership of the property it did not see many changes save from a large bank barn, a log home, and towards the end of his ownership the Sara Sweet Home itself. Throughout the years, the home continued to trade hands, but still keeping with its roots in the tannery businesses until it finally became Sara Meyers and William Nathaniel Sweet's home.

In 1983 members of the Boalsburg Conservancy had a desire to establish a museum in the area and this house was purchased for that purpose. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aikens purchased and presented the property to the Museum Association as a gift. The only requirement that the Aikens made was that a Trust Fund of $25,000 be raised by the Museum Association and that it be held in escrow with only the proceeds from it being used for operating the museums. The final transfer of the deed was accomplished on November of 1983 and the Sara Sweet House is currently the site of the Boalsburg Heritage Museum.


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