Bellefonte Historical Railroad in Centre County PA

Bellefonte Historical RailroadThe Bellefonte Railroad was a shortline railroad that was originally incorporated on September 21, 1882 as the Bellefonte and Buffalo Run Railroad. The main purpose of this shoreline was to connect Bellefonte with State College, Pennsylvania and to give the state the ability to tap into the iron ore deposits that were located along Buffalo Run. The belief at the time was that the railroad would allow for the replacement of the inefficient wagons that were currently being used to haul the iron ore to the furnaces located in Bellefonte. 

The local iron and agricultural groups whom had chattered the railroad construction contracted Frank McLaughlin for the job. Frank McLaughlin was a Philadelphia businessman an in exchange for a majority of the stock, Frank turned the construction duties over to his business associates, the Collins brothers. The brothers were experienced contractors, however at the time they were working on the Beech Creek Railroad and instead began grading the Bellefonte & Buffalo Run Railroad in March 1883. Unfortunately, the Bellefonte Railroad was designed and graded to minimal standards of engineering and saw little earth moving and had lots of curves.

After the iron ore deposits from Buffalo Run had been used, the lines saw a change in traffic. Instead in was responsible for hauling freight traffic to Penn State and lime for steelmaking to local quarries. Unfortunately, in 1974 the line to State College was abandoned and most of the remaining railroad followed in 1984. The only portion of the once historic railroad still in use not belongs to the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad.

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