Historic Bellefonte Forge House in Centre County PA

Bellefonte Forge House located in Bellefonte, Pa.

Bellefonte Forge House

The Bellefonte Forge House, also known as the John Dunlop House, is located in Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania. The forge house was built in 1803 by an iron master named John Dunlop, Mr. Dunlop resided in the home with his wife and four daughters until he was tragically killed in an iron mine collapse in October 1814. The Bellefonte Forge House is made of limestone and was a full two and half stories of Federal and Georgian style construction. Originally, the building had nine fireplaces, but eventually two would later be removed in the 1930s to make room for a modernized kitchen.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, long before Bellefonte became the center of the iron industry, the Bellefonte Forge House played a key role. John Dunlop was known as one of the most energetic and prosperous men in the iron industry having already constructed Harmony Forge, Logan Furnace, and Washington Forge. After the construction of the Bellefonte Forge, John's father, Lt. Col. James Dunlop, and his brother-in-law- James Harris took the remainder of John's land and laid out the plans for the new town, Bellefonte. After John's tragic death, his iron business was rented out until the Valentine family eventually purchased it. Since its creation this home has represented the wealth of those iron masters, and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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