Historic Olympia School, Martin County FL

Olympia School (1)The historic Olympia School in Martin County FL was built in 1924. This Martin County Historic site is also known as; the Picture City School; the Hobe Sound White School; the Apollo Street School and now is referred to simply as the Apollo School. The building is a two-room structure originally intended as an elementary school building. The Olympia School is located at 9141 Southeast Apollo Street in Hobe Sound, Martin County, Florida.

The schoolhouse was built in a mission architecture style favored by Maurice Fatio, an architect in the Mizner genre who was employed by the Olympia Improvement Company. Fatio spent quite a lot of time in the Hobe Sound area and on Jupiter Island, where he built several homes. Fatio oversaw the building of the Apollo schoolhouse.

The building was used from 1925 through the 1962-1963 schoolyear as a schoolhouse, when it was no longer suitable for the growing population of Hobe Sound. With the opening of nearby Hobe Sound Elementary School the Olympia Schoolhouse was briefly used by a thrift store supporting the Hobe Sound First Aid Squad and then the building would become vacant.

In 2000, the Apollo School Foundation purchased the building to rehabilitate it and open it for use as a historical museum and cultural arts and educational facility. In 2002, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the only building in Hobe Sound to be listed on the Historic Register.


Rehabilitation of the building has been supported by private and public donations. The architect is Gary Kelly of Kelly & Kelly, Architects, and the work is being overseen by James Tharp of J. Tharp Construction, Corp. and Faye Carter of Carter Construction, Inc.

Visit ApolloSchool.org to learn more about the Apollo School rehabilitation efforts.

Olympia School (2)

Location of the Historic Olympia School


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