Historic Lyric Theatre in Martin County FL

The Historic Lyric Theatre is a historic site in Martin County FL added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. The Theatre was built at 59 South West Flagler Avenue, near Confusion Corner in Stuart, in 1926 and originally openened as a silent movie house. The movie house remained in operation until the Great Depression when it closed and would be sold. In 1978 the property was used as a non-denominational church.

The property was purchased by a Stuart Downtown Revitalization Group in 1987 and has since been used to host a variety of events, concerts and movies. The historic building is also used for charity efforts, civic presentations and is even available for individuals to rent for event hosting.

The Historic Lyric Theatre can seat 500 people, offers a large stage, balcony and a spacious lobby area. Learn more about the current events and activities of the Lyric Theatre at http://www.lyrictheatre.com/

Historic Lyric Theater (1)

Location of the Historic Lyric Theatre

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