Fort Frederick in Washington County MD

Fort Frederick State Park (2)Fort Frederick is the only completely stone made fort in America. The fort is a stone quadrangle with bastions at each corner. Each wall is about 179 feet long, 17.5 feet high and 3 feet thick at its base. Each corner bastion projects out diagonally about 100 feet and are 4.5 feet thick at their base. The entrance to the fort is in the center of the south wall. Inside the fort there were 3 barrack buildings, the east, west, and north buildings which were used by settlers and area militia. The fort was built in 1756-1757 to protect the Maryland frontier settlers from Indian attacks. Governor Horatio Sharpe requested the fort be built. The fort was named after Frederick Calvert, the 6th Baron Baltimore.

During the French and Indian War, Fort Frederick was used as a garrison for local militia soldiers and a safe haven for area settlers. Fort Frederick was used as a prisoner of war camp during the American Revolution. Some 1,000 captured British and German soldiers were held prisoner at Fort Frederick. After the Revolutionary War the fort was abandoned until the start of the American Civil War. The fort was garrisoned by Union soldiers to protect the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The fort was used until 1862.

Fort Frederick State Park (26)Fort Frederick and its surrounding 585 acres were acquired by the State of Maryland in 1922. The walls of the fort were deteriorated and stood at about 8 feet high. With the help of Archeologists and the original plans of the fort, the fort has been completely resorted to its original construction. Inside the fort the west barrack has been completely restored and shows how early American soldiers lived within the fort. The east barrack has been rebuilt and is used as a mini museum show casing the history of the fort. The north building also known as the Governor's House has not been reconstructed, but you can still see parts of the building's original foundation in the grass. The fort is located along Fort Frederick Road in Big Pool, MD. This is truly a magnificent site to see; you will be amazed at the sheer size of this stone fort and will wonder how hard it would have been to build!!

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