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Mai Kai Restaurant (4)The Mai Kai Restaurant located along Route 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is a beautiful experience and a must visit location when visiting the Fort Lauderdale area. The Mai-Kai is one of the few Grand Polynesian Palaces of Tiki still in operation and to this day they carry the traditions of service and serve the original drink recipes of Don the Beachcomber's.

When brothers Bob and Jack Thornton visited Don the Beachcomber's in Chicago as children, they always knew they would open a restaurant like it when they grew up. The Thortons opened The Mai Kai Restaurant on December 28, 1956. It was the most expensive restaurant built at that time costing three hundred thousand dollars. The first year of operations the Mai-Kai earned over one million dollars.

Over the years there have been several renovations to the Mai-Kai adding additional dining rooms, a bar, a center stage, gift shop, and the beautiful tropical gardens with waterfalls, walking paths, and ancient Polynesian artifacts.

On our first full day in southern Florida County Spot Directories logged alot of miles as we traveled from the Atlantic, to the Gulf and back again. We even stopped along the way to catch the football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Tampa.

We started out ahead of the sun as we left from Pompano Beach and our base of operations for south Florida County Spotting around 630am. We had planned a route north west which would allow us to gather information and photos as we headed for the game at 1pm. We traveled through Palm Beach County and Martin County without stoppping for photos as we plan to check them out later this week. As the sun started to creep above the horizon we began getting some great shots for our Florida County Spots.

Historic Desert Inn (2)Yeehaw Junction, Destiny and the historic Desert Inn started our photography for the Osceola FL County Spot which should be online very soon. We gathered some scenic photos on our way through Osceola County, but didn't have much time to explore this county yet. We hope to get back to Osceola county soon to finish filling up the photo albums soon.

CountySpot Directories took another road trip through Central Pennsylvania to collect more information and photos during the week-end of September 14 2013.

Eagle Ironworks at Curtin Village (9)We started out by doing some exploring in the Centre County area and stumbled upon a historic site we didn't even have on our route plans. As we traveled along Eagle Valley Road headed for the Bald Eagle State Park we happened upon a sign for "Historic Curtin Village" and decided to give it a look. This is a very neat old site where visitors can see the remnants of the Eagle Ironworks, established in 1810. See photos of the Eagle Ironworks, Bald Eagle State Park and learn more by visiting the Centre County Spot.

We just returned from a journey through Central Pa during which we collected new information for 5 more counties in Pennsylvania. Our tour even lead us to the "ghost town" of Centrailia PA which is something we will soon be posting much more information about. This borough in PA was destroyed as a result of an underground coal fire and inspired the movie Silent Hill. While we were there looking around people were seen everywhere trying to learn more about this interesting spot, so we're going to find more information and post it soon.

Sunday we spent some time in Philadelphia as we caught an Eagles game, which would have been alot more fun if they had won! After the game we decided to make our fist pass through New Jeresy for our directories. It was a quick trip to get some initial photos, but this will make it seven states that we have begun county directories for. Watch for more details coming soon about this Central PA excursion.

CountySpot Directories is excited to announce that we have officially launched county based directories for two counties in Florida. These two counties mark our first exploration of the state of Florida and were activated in preparation for a trip to the Pompano Beach area next month. We have already collected initial information for the two sites, including municipality information and a start to the business directories for each county. Visit the Martin.FL.CountySpot site for information about Martin County, or the PalmBeach.FL.CountySpot site for Palm Beach County information.

We've also update to now include the state of Florida, adding state facts and county lists. While we're in Florida we hope to explore many more counties and start more County Spots!

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