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County Spot Directories has just launched the first directory for North Carolina for Granville County.

We have just created our very first county spot directory for North Carolina at! This site is built using our version 3 and includes a business directory for Oxford NC, a coupons section and lots of great information for Granville County NC. North Carolina marks the third state we have now included in our county spot directory list and we have plans to add even more to that list very soon. The Granville County site is being maintained on its own domain as we continue to work to find the best formula for search engine results. 

Now that we have added this North Carolina county we will soon be updating to include more information about North Carolina and adding Granville County to our business directory section here at

Shoppers at the Logan Town CentRe in Altoona now have another option for lunch and dinner with the opening of the new Dairy Queen Grill and Chill.

dq1The new DQ Grill and Chill is located at 1568 Osgood Drive between Chillis and Texas Roadhouse, which is also slated to open soon. The Logan Town Centre Grill and Chill in Altoona is owned and operated by Fownko LP and was opened officially on December 11, 2012. Fownko LP recently aquired the DQ franchise in the Altoona area and is also now operating the standard "Brazier" Dairy Queens in Duncansville and along Valley View Dr in Altoona.

DQ Grill and Chill breakfast and hot food menu.

The Logan Town Centre DQ Grill and Chill is part of the new corporate vision for Dairy Queen which includes more emphasis on their hot food menus and also includes service of breakfast.

This Altoona Grill and Chill location will begin serving breakfast from their location in the near future. Their hot menu includes items like burgers, hotdogs, salads, fries, chicken baskets, shrimp baskets, cheese curds and more.

Cold menu favorites and more at the new DQ Grill and Chill.

DQ Grill and Chills also offer all of the favorite cold items like blizzards, dilly bars and sundaes as well as the popular ice cream cakes and Blizzard cakes. Ice cream cakes and Dilly Bars are stocked at the Grill and Chill and ice cream cakes may be custom ordered as well. Fownko LP tells us that cakes in stock may be purchased and "lettered" while you wait for those last minute pick-ups. DQ Grill and Chills follow all National Dairy Queen promotions, including cold menu promotions like the Blizzard of the Month and hot menu promotions like the current $5 meal deal promotion. The $5 meal deal promotion gets you a burger, fries, drink and a mini blizzard for only $5 and lasts through the end of December! 

Drive-thru or Have a party at the DQ Grill and Chill!

The Logan Town Centre DQ Grill and Chill in Altoona even features a party room which comfortably accomodates about twenty people. Call the DQ Grill and Chill for reservations at 814-949-2655 to book the party room.
Unlike the standard "Brazier" Dairy Queens offering window service and limited seating, the Logan Town Centre DQ Grill and Chill offers indoor seating for 85 to 90 patrons and a drive-thru! 

The DQ Grill and Chill hours of operation are currently 11am to 10 pm 7 days a week. Those hours will be modified when breakfast service begins. Check out the new DQ Grill and Chill in the Logan Town Centre of Altoona today!


We're very excited to introduce our newest CountySpot addition; FREE CLASSIFIED ADS! As our county directories classified2continue to grow we felt a need to put all listings together in one place for ease of use. Sorted by region (county) these classified ads are free to use. You can add photos, tweet about your ads and even post them straight to Facebook for free.

We also offer a few upgrade options for business and those that may be interested such as featured ads and color changes. These options allow special ads to grab more attention for a very small fee. View our classifieds, or go ahead and post your free classified.

Some of you may notice that we have changed it up a bit during the last few months and have spent more time working to upgrade our directory sites and tie them together more effectively. Our expansion has slowed a bit, but we're still moving along. We've added Franklin and Bucks County to this site and have also launched a new domain for Westmoreland County. Our current plans involve getting everything ironed out to forge ahead into other states in the Spring of 2013! Here is the latest PA map of our progress.


Altoona shoppers are rushing around like crazed maniacs this morning as Black Friday is officially here. But wait, its been here since yesterday....

black fridayStores in the Altoona area have created chaos with early openings for this holiday shopping season and now most die hard Black Friday shoppers don't even know what time it is, let alone what day! We were out and about yesterday (Thanksgiving) morning at 6 in the morning to put some signs out and you would not believe the number of people that were apparently thankful for the fact that some stores decided to open at 7 am on Thanksgiving.

The parking lot at Boscov's was nearly full and we watched as cars flew into the lot from all directions in anticipation of the 7 am doorbusters. People were already lined up to bust the doors of Big Lots as well. Can't help but wondering who was basting their turkey?

The pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, craziness didn't stop at Boscov's and Big Lots though. Altoona was hoping all day and really started getting packed as the 8 pm openings of stores like Sears and Kmart and the 10pm opening of Target and Walmart approached.

The parking lot at Wal-mart looked like they were hosting a concert for Justin Bieber by 8pm and the lines at Target seemed more appropriate for a free power ball winning ticket give away.

Best Buy was so full by the time of their midnight opening that people were parking across Amelia Ave at Home Depot (which actually waited until 5am on BLACK FRIDAY to open) and charging across the street to stand in a line which wrapped from the front doors, down the side, across the back and half way down the other side of the building!

Most of the people that we spoke with while waiting in lines seemed to think that the early openings were a bad idea, but it sure didn't stop the shopping madness! We'd love to tell you more, but surely some Altoona store is about to open and we must be there! Good luck to all the fellow crazy shoppers out there..

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