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Spending time beachin' in 2015

Most of the early part of 2015 was spent enjoying our new surroundings in Martin and Palm Beach Counties of South Florida. Since we recently re-located to southern Florida everything we saw and did was new and we got a bit swamped with updates on our exploration and information. It's also very hard to find time to sit at the computer when surrounded with all that South Florida has to offer!


Since we have been here we have enjoyed a lot of time just sitting on the beach on Jupiter Island which offers some of the clearest blue water you can find. The beaches of the Hobe Sound area of Martin County are perfect for relaxation as they are not overly crowded and easy to access.

Endangered sea turtles are very important down here and you can just imagine how exciting it was for us to find one nesting on the beach during a stroll along Jupiter Island beach in late May! We had noticed many of the wooden stakes and flags that indicate turtles had come ashore and nested, but actually watching (without disturbing) was really cool.





Of course one of the best parts of being in the Martin and Palm Beach county area is the access to boats and boating so we have also spent alot of time exploring the intracoastal waterway. From watching the many drawbridges raising and sailboats sailing, or just hanging out on the sandbars in the middle of the water this is a great place to be "knee-deep" in the water!


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